Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BETTER Sexy Song!

For those who do not know, I think Miyavi is one of the best guitarists ever! I might even say his adorableness was one of the reasons I moved to Japan.

I was fortunate to see him perform in San Fransisco at a small venue in 2008. Great, great show!

Kabuki Boiz, Samurai Rock!


  1. Hii~^^ i just read through your blog and found it interesting, wellwritten, and often amusing~
    [i myself am college student looking forward to a year abroad in Japan.]
    i thought this would be the best post to comment on first, because i also enjoy Miyavi, and i too attended his show in San Fran in 2008 :) (the May 18 one) yay!
    anyway, thank you for writing this blog and letting someone inexperienced like me read about various interesting/crazy experiences and such.. can be strangely enlightening~
    without further ado, i shall "follow" this blog :D
    sorry for long comment >.<

  2. wow! we were there at the same time! it was a great show! apparently he had not been super popular here for a while, but he is now in the "top 10!"