Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just plain pissed off!

Generally I am a very laid-back individual. Nothing bothers me. It all rolls like water off a ducks back...things that irritate others, nothing. Things that anger others, nah.

I don't like wasting my time with being stressed, irritated, angry, or even to sit around blabbing about "can you believe he/she it bla bla bla?"

But I admit that once every four months, every single flippin' thing pisses me off!!

This being the time, here are some events that grate on my nerves:

the cat constantly being under my feet.
the AC not being as cold as I want. Is it wrong to want 17 degrees Celsius?
the rainy season - cause I friggin' hate carrying umbrellas
the humidity. cause my greasy ass hair can't make it an hour before it falls flat.
overly late trains. cause then I have to wait on a crowded platform between other sweaty cranky people...
the coworker who is some friggin' gaijin who can't bother learning the Japanese language even though she/he has lived her for over a decade - so she/he speaks super slow English to her/his Japanese coworkers - in this condescending tone - like it's their fault for not knowing English
the same coworker who had no work experience prior to moving here, but talks all big like she/he is some G-D expert on her/his position, when any other woman knows she/he isn't

and recently, and while I try not to complain about the train commute...

these friggin' guys who position their body to take up two peoples spots even though we are all crammed in like sardines and then, even though I am not touching them in their precious personal space bubble, they need to constantly fidget so their body parts are constantly pushing against me...and even as I inch (or centimeter) away, they angle out even more to continue the pushing.

these people will rue the day I know more Japanese...'cause while I am not going to say anything in English...once I know the language, I am going to hiss through my teeth something along the lines of "What in the f**k is your problem?! Back it up before I kendo your ass!"

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  1. I can't understand people living in a country and not learning the language. I'm such a sticky beak that it'd drive me insane not knowing what ppl are saying.

    As for the train, I think The Look is more effective than any words.