Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finished the "draft" of music video

Recently I have been working on a music video for the friend-boys band. Sort of a stop-motion feel. I used 600 separate photos, and timed it to the music, etc. Gonna give this project a days rest...then work on some refining!

Anyway, my goal is a Lo-
Fi style video. Recently, Lo-Fi has been used in terms of music production to describe a specific method to make the music sound of slightly lower quality than the usual standard. This is achieved through degrading the finished audio or using special equipment. Some listeners argue that Lo-Fi is NOT of lower quality, but merely sounds more analog and warmer – much like a vinyl record, rather than the precision of digitally recorded masters and CDs. Lo-Fi is NOT an excuse for the music itself to be of lower quality i.e. bad musicians, horrible vocals.

Regarding Lo-Fi video production, Lo-Fi favors consumer recording devices and a reduced pixel amount than a HD recording. Film and actual video recording may be used rather than a digital image. Very few high-tech effects are used, if at all. Additional imagery is that found naturally occurring, or produced similar to previous years. Some times Lo-Fi productions might be considered “retro” or low tech.

I'd enjoy getting feedback from you!


  1. Looks fantastic. I love the way you've worked the lighting! The guitarist's (bass player???) moves really look awesome too.

    Btw her voice annoys me.

  2. You digging the guitar players moves? ;) I hear he just naturally "poses" at all times...perhaps I should see if he is single...perhaps he'd fancy a drink with a lovely Aussy lass?

  3. i meant the way he moves in the clip... but i'm checking him out now...