Monday, October 18, 2010

Just What Every Mother Wants to Hear

And no, I do not mean "I got accepted in to law school!" (Although, with my daughter, I will take "I got accepted in to Dental School!" She likes an excuse to wear latex not ask, do not ask!)

This past week-end the friend-boy came over. Upon occasion, he and I watch some educational videos. VERY educational. Language instruction, mayhaps? I like to call them instructional videos, but you can just call them: porn, AV, smut, etc.

It's fun to peruse the categories. What shall we watch today? Amateur? FB: Nah, lighting is never good. Asian? Me: No, no. I don't like the squeaking noises the girls make. Group? FB: We watched that last week. Lesbian: FB: Great!

To my first video selection: FB: She looks too aggressive. No, change.
My second selection: FB: Bad sound quality. Change, please
My third selection: Me: Uh, no. Those outfits are too cheesy.

As you can see, we are connoisseurs - we look long and hard, pun intended, for the best video.

My third selection:

Me: Oh look! It's...
FB: No! Change it! They look too young!
Me: Ee-eh? This is professional porn, these girls are over 18.
FB: Don't care. They are dressed to look young. And they have stuff animal toys in the setting. And themselves look only 19 or 20.
Me: So...they are over 18...
FB: I don't like too young. I don't like if they look any younger than 21. I prefer they look in the middle 20s or something even older is good. So you can change it.
Me: Okay, changed. So, you don't like really young looking girls?
FB: Did not like high school girls when I was high school student. I'm not going to start liking them now.

Wow! As a parent of a pre-teen girl, I can only be extra pleased at such sentiment!


  1. I thought only chicks were that fussy about porn. One of my exs refused to watch porn with me after all my comments like "why is she wearing blue stockings, it looks like the circulation has been cut off to her legs -- is that a fetish?"

    Young girl porn is wrong, even if you know the girls are legal they are being portrayed as underage. I am even dubious about guys who are into chicks with no boobs and totally waxed - isn't that a little like wanting a prepubescent girl?

  2. A blue stocking fetish? Hmmm....

    To me, the chicks looked like well-worn mid-20s, they just happened to have their hair in pony tails...besides I was more eager to begin the "audience participation" aspect.

    As for the small breasts/totally waxed - yep, I agree, it smacks of pedophilia. Heck, even as a woman with large breasts, I can't stand the totally waxed look on myself! It just reminds me of "pre-puberty" and that is NOT a turn on for me!