Friday, December 17, 2010


Last night, the friend-boy's band had a show. As the thoughtful girl I am, I sent him a message prior:

"Have a good show! Be careful of flying drumsticks!"

His band has a new drummer, but the previous drummer once threw her drumsticks at him during a show when his PC had a glitch and caused a pause in a song during a show.

He really did not find any humor in that at the time. I'm not so sure he finds it funny now. She did hit him in the head with one...

He responds:

"haha thank you! and maybe not this time. maybe next time you should come."

At this point, I faint! In all the time I have known him, he has NEVER asked me to come see his band live. He even told me once, he hates to invite friends because he just doesn't like playing live that much.

Still, I'm more important than a "friend-friend." I'm a "friend-girl!" And FINALLY he invites me to a live show.

I better not need to "bitch slap" any fangirls or groupies he might have!


  1. How exciting! Go, go! :D (Maybe you bring a helmet for him to the next gig as a joke?!)

  2. Ah, yes! A helmet...he seems to have a "hard head" naturally! Bwa ha ha! But perhaps a padded vest - like a "drumstick proof" vest?

    And my black pepper spray to keep the fangirls back!

  3. Wow, that's awesome. Well in the romantic sense anyway!

  4. Yes, the flying drumsticks - or bitchslapping of fangirls - might not be "awesome!"