Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tale of the Kimochi-warui, Part II

I initially chalked the odd email off to difference in language. KW (note: I'll call him by initials KW so as to have an identity - even though I did not realize he was a KW/creepy guy until later on.) did live in London for four years and spoke English reasonably well, but there can always be cultural nuances and difficulties.

I did not hear from KW for about a week. Then a short email "miss you. want you. XOXO"

I emailed back "that's kind. do you want to have dinner together friday?"
No response back for three days.

Then - knock, knock - on the door. Huh? I only know a few people in Tokyo. Who is at the door?'s KW!

I let him in. He wants to go to dinner. At McDonalds. I am accepting of this as my daughter is fine with McDonalds and I am broke! He gives me an odd look when I tell him I have little money, and we'd need to bring my daughter. Was I supposed to leave my 11 year old alone, at night, when he had just randomly shown up?

We go to Mickey D's. When the cashier rings up the total, he looks at me - and asks if I can pay for part with the little money I do have. I give him 500 yen.

After we eat, we walk back to my apartment. He asks if he can talk to me alone for a minute. I ask my daughter to go on upstairs - I'll be up soon. She leaves....he wants to make out in the darkness of the entrance way.

I'm actually okay with this. He seems sort of nice. He seems sort of reasonably employed. Somewhat fun. But then....he wants me to provide oral gratification in the public entrance way!!!

Whoa! This is a public area! It is dark, but not so late that no one would come this way! And is this some sort of required payback for McDonalds?

I try to politely say no. He gets a bit angry. Tells me I am rude and mean to him. And don't I like him?

I to get out of this...I calculate my skill level at requested activity...and factor that I could just do it and have this scene over with in 3 minutes...

2.5 minutes later - I said good night and went upstairs.

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