Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Excuse For False Eyelashes!

In about two weeks, I am going to an acquaintances pre-wedding party. Groovy couple that they are, rather than the traditional bachelor/bachelorhood party of bridal shower, they are hosting a party for friends at Kaguwa Roppongi!

Kaguwa Roppongi is apparently styled after the Edo era "red light" entertainment district - drag shows, acrobatics, great food. I'm always a fan of the drag show - men, who as women, look better in a dress than I do...the general erotic confusion of "hot" guy dressed as woman...and the fantastic makeup and costumes. Really - I want a drag stylist of my own!

So, once again, I must must aside my dislike of the Roppongi area...but for an excuse for myself to wear FAB-ulous false eyelashes - I am sooooo there!


  1. Are you going to get the extreme ones with feathers etc?

  2. I am not bold enough for those!

    It will probably be something like a black lash, long, with little rhinestones on them.

    Which ones would you pick?

  3. I'm never sure about the big feathery ones - I have pretty sensitive eyes but I love the real drag style that come out longer on the corners. Kinda cat's eye style. I had extensions done about a year ago but found them irritating.

  4. I have never had extentions - but I do usually have my lashes permed/tinted. It doesnt make them into super lashes - but it does make them nicely seen, and no need for the pain of the eyelash curler.

    Yes, it is hard for me to use the curler! I always pinch my lid!

  5. Me too. I had the extensions done a day or two before I flew to Japan and they seemed to go very stiff and stick into my eyes - my beautican thought maybe they'd dried out during the flight though because they aren't normally like that. I'd like to get extensions done in Japan. Also, I think if you go to MAC, you can get them to apply the individual lashes.