Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arrival in Japan

I arrived in Japan in late July of 2009.

The previous five years were spent in beautiful Bellingham,WA - conveniently located just 40 miles south of Vancouver BC and 100 miles north of Seattle WA - in the Pacific Northwest. (Home of the Annual Rain Festival.)

Having pre-planned my move to Japan for some time - I had followed the weather. I started in Fall 2008. Bringing up the daily weather and temp charts - hm...seems similar, but gets cooler at night in Bellingham/Washington State. Winter 2008: good, good. Similar - but a little cooler, more snow in Bellingham/Washington state. Spring 2009: wow! Almost same weather and temp daily!

Summer 2009: arrival. Nothing like a 10+ hour flight in a crowded economy section. WITH broken air-conditioning. Hot, sweaty people. Cramped in tiny seats for hours. Hours passing through immigration, collecting baggage. Daughter is crabby. And hungry.

BUT we are in Tokyo! All else is immaterial...out we go to the Airport Limousine Bus. Sliding doors glide open and (note - so many sliding doors in Tokyo; rarely do I need to touch a door. Genius!) and...what is this weather? This is NOT like the PNW! It is hot, so hot. And humid! I am drenched just stepping out.

My daughter growls. "Mom. I swear. If it is this hot all the time, I am running away."
(note - this quote is correct. In her zeal to impress upon me her utter disgust, she did not use contractions.)

Well, the adventure begins...

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