Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why my Hair Salon is better than a Host Club

Let me take a moment away from my "catching up" posts to my current train of thought.

I go to a rather expensive hair salon here in Tokyo. I say expensive - because the price for color
and highlights is about 23100 yen. (US dollars = $248) No, that does not include a cut.

In the interest of honesty, I do receive some discount as the stylist wants to practice his English - so rather than paying for a lesson, he discounts the fee. I just have to stay awake and ramble in English while my hair is done.

But back to why the money is better spent at the salon than a host club....

The salon is on an upper floor of a lovely building in Ginza. Excellent atmosphere, surrounded by luxury. Entering the salon, one is greeted by soothing music and lilting aromatherapy scents.

The decor is more like a upscale lounge or club rather than salon - each area is curtained off with gauzy golden curtains, the floor is marble, there are candles and chandeliers. The furniture, including the stylist chairs, are styled in a sort of French Versailles mode.

I'm greeted by two receptionists - one a lovely woman, the other is a perfect example of bishonen goodness. Tall, very slim, snug cut suit, coiffed hair, tweezed eyebrows...and I'm pretty sure he is wearing makeup...and he smells good. He dashes to get me a magazine and bottled water.

My stylist pops out to say hi, then go back to the current client. He is also just a lovely example of beautiful male. Dressed comfy but fashionable, cute fluffy and asymmetrical hair cut. Adorably cute face. When the other client leaves, he comes to take me to the chair - and offers bottled water and chocolates. And offers to take off my shoes and get me slippers....Ah!

At this point, the next two hours are spent chatting with him in English while he washes my hair, massages my scalp, brushes my hair, colors my hair, rinses, etc....

Now, key to the is experience, is that my colorists supervisor comes over every 30 minutes to check on his work. Let me tell you, this man is walking sexy...a bit older - say mid or late his life experience shows. And that is VERY hot! His longer than shoulder length hair, his casual walk, his graceful combing as he checks my hair...he usually chats for a few minutes each visit as well.

Now, if I go to a host club, I can enjoy the company of some cute boys - probably all between the ages of 19-24. And we can drink and flirt, for a price! My lack of Japanese ability means I won't get too much conversation in or out. So I am left with just looking. And probably sitting in cigarette smoke.

Not saying the host club experience is is actually quite interesting...but I get all the "host" attention, and in English, AND my hair colored by going to the salon.

I wonder if I should tell my colorist that he's my Number 1 ranked boy?

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