Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night One

After taking the limousine bus to the hotel (Shinjuku Washington Hotel - "where the cutting edge of culture and economics symbolizing modern Japan blend with traditional Japanese culture" - note to self - paraphrase this slogan when anyone asks why I came to Japan.) we had the joy of carting our luggage to the front.

Having moved from overseas, this was 4 50-pound boxes, plus 4 carry on items. Knowing the checked-on luggage had to be at/below 50 pounds, we had put all the heavy stuff (DVDs, books) in our carry-on. Let's assume that each carry-on was about 35 pounds...

So, we have an old woman (me) and an 11 year old outside a hotel with a pile of boxes and suitcases. No curb service for luggage...so we grabbed a cart and lugged it all up to the room ourselves.

My daughter is already sobbing. "Why did you bring me here?! I hate this already."

Great. This will not be the time to tell her that due to a sudden drop in the exchange rate, my American dollars have been transformed in to barely enough yen to pay for the hotel, one months rent, and a couple of subway trips. No one needs to eat anyway...

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