Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Style? What style?

Okay, I'm reading blogs of all sorts...some business oriented, some self-improvement, some fun, some travel, some fashion...

I doubt I can come up with any thing as witty or fun or clever. For several reasons...

I'm not in my 20s, nor am I regularly drunk. This will cut down the possibilities of me waxing poetically about drunken nights in Kabukicho or midday debauchery in Shin-Okubo. My days of public partying are greatly diminished...(this does NOT mean private partying is out...anyone up for raucous versions of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?")

I can dress a man, but I can hardly dress myself. This said, posts on women's fashion will most likely be pathetic. (I probably need my own "Fab 5" to attend my rescue.) That said, I can most certainly point a man towards sartorial excellence, be it business style or rock...

I am just not friendly! Oh sure, if you know me - I'm loads of fun. But I'm a bit introverted - so it's hard to go up to strangers and ferret out festive stories.

I am a parent. My daughter has been my main job and "hobby" for the past 8 years. I may have forgotten how to interact with adults.

I will continue to come up with additional reasons why my blog won't be too clever, or too sweet, or too "cool."

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