Friday, March 26, 2010

What's up with the blog's name?

I considered many names for this blog - some fairly unoriginal in sound.

I considered "Apryl in Tokyo." Sort of like the answer to "when do I visit Europe?" "Oh, you should see Paris in April." In this case it is Tokyo. And my name is Apryl.

Then, well...I thought it would sound too much like the title of a blog I regularly read called "Julie in Japan." Sure, she is Julie. And she is in Japan. But it seemed "Apryl in Paris" would be like those AV films picking a similar sounding name to coordinate their "sequels."

('Cause you know that every AV leaves loose-ends to the story line - and those really need tied up! Now that I think about it...self...tied, no - completely different blog experience!)

Then I considered that Tokyo is a wonderful place, at least in my eyes. And it is strange...odd things down the small side streets, tasty cakes in tiny boxes, crooked architecture, and crazily speeding trains. That, and my favorite book is Lewis Carroll's curious tale.

It seemed only fitting that my first voyage away from North America would be a rabbit hole type of trip to a place unlike my own original home. And since, in Tokyo, I often feel like I am too small or too big, too tall or too small, too loud or too quiet; I went with the name you see.

As of today's date, I have been in Tokyo for eight months. I have new things to write - but plenty of past events to put into the ether - so my first posts may be mostly past events, with snippets of freshness. Eventually I will catch up...


  1. :) My mom's name is Apryl spelled the same as yours, that's so weird, I've never come across anyone else with that spelling before. Anyway, I like your blog, although it makes me miss Japan like crazy.

  2. Wow! You read my blog? Thanks. I read your blog too.

  3. Sydney: cool! I have a "mom" name...which is okay, cause I AM a mom! Thanks for reading!

    Julie: I started reading your blog about a year before moving - so between YOU and Shinohara Ryoko j-doramas, I decided to move here!

    Eeps...guess I should post more if people actually read this!