Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Daily Duty

Argh! The Asian toilet!

If I am camping, I expect to need to squat for "business." But when I am in civilization....
Are these supposedly more sanitary? Sure, you do not touch your bottom to porcelain, but
the floor around them is usually moist....and not from clean water! (As we ladies do not have the aim able organs.)

Maintaining balance is difficult in the best of situations. Add to that, pants, hosiery, heels, slick floor...

I am not pleased with these! I will use one in a pinch, but I have gladly given my time, when not in a hurry, to waiting for the one Western style stall to open up!


  1. I wouldn't use them in Tokyo because there is other alternatives but I was stuck in a backpackers in SE Asia with no other alternative. I actually can't squat on account of having zero flexibility so it was a horrible experience!

  2. Here is a website you might enjoy...

    Go standing up! No flexibility needed!

  3. Ha, don't know if that will work for number 2s.

  4. Ah yes the ole squatter toilets. I avoid them if possible but if I have no choice, I try to squat like the best of them! Skirts and dresses definitely facilitate this but I hate hate hate stepping in unknown liquid!

  5. I embarrassingly admit that the first two times I used the squatter...and was wearing pants...I had to go back home know...grrrr!