Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Sideline...

In addition to my rather banal, boring daily events - I also have a "I'm so frickin' cool" persona. For several years, "back in the day," I worked in radio, music production, etc. Of course, I put all that aside in the interest of growing up...but for whatever reason, Tokyo has became my place of experimental dreams.

So, I have decided to take all my years of music industry experience, my keen "coolness" factor, my MBA (G-d knows it needs to be used for something!) , my love of cyberspace novels, and interest in virtual means of life - and start my own business.

It is called: InterIdoru, and the company will provide services for musicians/bands. I will specialize in Virtual Touring, Virtual Promotion, Virtual Management.

You can view my "first draft" website at:
I also have a facebook page and MySpace page for InterIdoru.

Okay...back to the routine...

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