Sunday, June 13, 2010

For a good time call...

I think that pictures of the above person, (AKA: my friend-boy), like most of us, could be distributed as follows:

10% - OMG! I look horrible, burn this!
80% - pleasant, average, cute
10% - I can not breathe! Too much hotness!

I will classify the above photo as falling in the 10% - Hot! category.

Oddly, it seems that photographs of models fall more in a 20% - Burn this!, 70% - pleasant, 10% - hot. Probably we get so overly familiar with the photo-shopped view, that anything else looks pitiful.

Do a Google search for: Madonna, photo shop - and see the before/after examples!

Anyway - I digress from the topic at hand. That of calling someone.

Most of you know that Japanese cell phones allow a cell phone to cell phone type email, and also - if you are on the same carrier as the other person - c-mail; like SMS in the US. For the past two days, I attempted to contact the friend-boy in both these manners. And tried to call.

I received an "account has been disabled" message.

So, here are the possible reasons for such:

1. He was short on cash and did not pay his bill.
2. He changed his carrier / number / phone email - and did not tell me.
3. He has blocked me, and only me!

How possible are these reasons?

Reason 2 - highly unlikely. He works freelance and it would be a matter of inconvenience to change all his contact information as he would have to notify about 100 contacts.

Reason 1 - possible. He just returned from an out of the country trip and had spent quite a bit.

Reason 3 - probable. I am of defeatist personality and assume the worst. But hey, that's just me!


  1. Guys, who can understand them?

    That is a hot pic.

    Madonna, scary without makeup. Nowadays, scary even with makeup. I'm not a fan of celebrity magazines but I do love the stars without makeup issues.

  2. Madonna! Bwa ha ha! She is soooo sinewy now....

    Check this site:

    It has lots of before/after pics...some famous people, some not.

    OH! And apparently it was reason 1.