Saturday, June 12, 2010

HMV Shibuya to Close!

While the purchase of overpriced music in Japan is still much alive, physical forms such as CDs are dropping for more intangible forms such as itune and keitai downloads. This is causing the August closure of the huge HMV flagship store in Shibuya.

I do not purchase many CDs...or physical distribution items of music, as some marketing firms might say. I do not like the space they take up, and when I move from place to place, I would either have to lug them along - or give them up....

Also, while they are not so expensive in the US (about $12-14), in Japan, a CD can easily cost $29-35.

Still, I like to go look at CDs....note the cover work, spot artists I have not seen before, mock the displays for singers I dislike (*cough* miley cyrus...tween skank).

But more than this, I have a sentimental attachment to this HMV store. It was one of the places I went with my friend-boy on our first meeting. After the initial meet at Hachiko (very cliched, I know, but cliches are often based on usefulness!), we had lunch at an Indian restaurant, then went to HMV. I wanted to get the new Sade CD (Whoo hoo! First album in 10 years! Soldier of Love....but I digress) so he suggested this store.

We wandered the aisles, and upon spotting the appropriate section, he told me how much he likes The Ramones. (This I would have known anyway for his slightly hunched posture, clothing choices, and haircut!) Nay, he proclaimed them g-ds!

I must take a moment of silence....*sigh*


  1. Nice new layout!

    CDs are insanely expensive in Japan. I didn't think anywhere was more expensive than Australia but Japan is. I hope Tower Records doesn't close because I have a points card for them!

  2. Thanks! Although I like the green of the other - I wanted something a bit more colorful for the spring/summer season!

    Tower is still going strong here! Git to gittin' on them points!

  3. It's as good as excuse as any to go back to Tokyo.

    Recently my physio went for a holiday to Japan and when he came back he was like 'omg they have this record shop that is just storeys and storeys of records!!!' lolz.