Friday, June 18, 2010

Me and Cameron Diaz: Like 2 Peas in a Pod!

In a recent interview, Cameron says "I'm always traveling for [whispers] c--k. You've got to go where it is."

Ah, I know the feeling Cameron! I have taken cabs in the middle of the night, left parties early, not left the party - but frolicked in the bathroom - and answered the doorbell at 4am for that delightful barn animal!

I have moved across town - moved across the state - and even moved to another country...all for the all-natural wake-up alarm!

In the past, I have done many things for c--k...

I have quit listening to music I like because it asked.
I started listening only to its preferred music.
I have been told to stop seeing my friends.
I have been told to quit jobs or take others.
I've changed my style of dressing.
I've ironed...dear G-d - I have ironed t-shirts!

But, now I ask, in the paraphrased words of Miss Jackson, "what has it done for me lately?"

Lest the gentle readers be alarmed - I have not done any of the "quit your own interests" for the sake of c--k recently. I think I have gotten to a point where, yes - I will travel for it, but I won't change for it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me - future media superstar

Here is a short teaser video I made using a song from the friend-boys band. (19 Mirrors - I'd Rather Die)

My eventual goal would be to make a full length video using about 300 images for a sort of stop-action look.

Eh, it was something to do at 2am!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally - A Hands Down Explanation!

Recently I read the book called "Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love." It is a humorous, yet fact based book highlighting some of the reasons why men and woman seek / stay / or cheat in relationships.

One of the chapters was mentioning the fact that men have a higher sex drive than women. I hear this ALL the time - and I have often wondered "am I a freak of nature? " 'cause I have never had a lower sex drive than any man I dated...

Apparently only 18% of all women have a sex drive equivalent to a mans. Apparently some women, while tiny adorable fetuses (fetusi?) were exposed to higher levels of testosterone and badda-bing, badda-boom! Higher sex drive as an adult!

This brings us the hands. The hands above show a woman's hand (cute nails!) and a mans hand. Note that on the woman's hand, the index finger and ring finger are about the same length. In many women, the index finger is a bit longer than the ring finger.

On a mans hand, the ring finger is longer. what does this mean? Well, women who were exposed to higher levels of testosterone in the womb, have man hands! Ring finger longer than index finger!!

Now I understand my problem!! I have man hands! Waaa!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

For a good time call...

I think that pictures of the above person, (AKA: my friend-boy), like most of us, could be distributed as follows:

10% - OMG! I look horrible, burn this!
80% - pleasant, average, cute
10% - I can not breathe! Too much hotness!

I will classify the above photo as falling in the 10% - Hot! category.

Oddly, it seems that photographs of models fall more in a 20% - Burn this!, 70% - pleasant, 10% - hot. Probably we get so overly familiar with the photo-shopped view, that anything else looks pitiful.

Do a Google search for: Madonna, photo shop - and see the before/after examples!

Anyway - I digress from the topic at hand. That of calling someone.

Most of you know that Japanese cell phones allow a cell phone to cell phone type email, and also - if you are on the same carrier as the other person - c-mail; like SMS in the US. For the past two days, I attempted to contact the friend-boy in both these manners. And tried to call.

I received an "account has been disabled" message.

So, here are the possible reasons for such:

1. He was short on cash and did not pay his bill.
2. He changed his carrier / number / phone email - and did not tell me.
3. He has blocked me, and only me!

How possible are these reasons?

Reason 2 - highly unlikely. He works freelance and it would be a matter of inconvenience to change all his contact information as he would have to notify about 100 contacts.

Reason 1 - possible. He just returned from an out of the country trip and had spent quite a bit.

Reason 3 - probable. I am of defeatist personality and assume the worst. But hey, that's just me!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

HMV Shibuya to Close!

While the purchase of overpriced music in Japan is still much alive, physical forms such as CDs are dropping for more intangible forms such as itune and keitai downloads. This is causing the August closure of the huge HMV flagship store in Shibuya.

I do not purchase many CDs...or physical distribution items of music, as some marketing firms might say. I do not like the space they take up, and when I move from place to place, I would either have to lug them along - or give them up....

Also, while they are not so expensive in the US (about $12-14), in Japan, a CD can easily cost $29-35.

Still, I like to go look at CDs....note the cover work, spot artists I have not seen before, mock the displays for singers I dislike (*cough* miley cyrus...tween skank).

But more than this, I have a sentimental attachment to this HMV store. It was one of the places I went with my friend-boy on our first meeting. After the initial meet at Hachiko (very cliched, I know, but cliches are often based on usefulness!), we had lunch at an Indian restaurant, then went to HMV. I wanted to get the new Sade CD (Whoo hoo! First album in 10 years! Soldier of Love....but I digress) so he suggested this store.

We wandered the aisles, and upon spotting the appropriate section, he told me how much he likes The Ramones. (This I would have known anyway for his slightly hunched posture, clothing choices, and haircut!) Nay, he proclaimed them g-ds!

I must take a moment of silence....*sigh*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Daily Duty

Argh! The Asian toilet!

If I am camping, I expect to need to squat for "business." But when I am in civilization....
Are these supposedly more sanitary? Sure, you do not touch your bottom to porcelain, but
the floor around them is usually moist....and not from clean water! (As we ladies do not have the aim able organs.)

Maintaining balance is difficult in the best of situations. Add to that, pants, hosiery, heels, slick floor...

I am not pleased with these! I will use one in a pinch, but I have gladly given my time, when not in a hurry, to waiting for the one Western style stall to open up!

My Sideline...

In addition to my rather banal, boring daily events - I also have a "I'm so frickin' cool" persona. For several years, "back in the day," I worked in radio, music production, etc. Of course, I put all that aside in the interest of growing up...but for whatever reason, Tokyo has became my place of experimental dreams.

So, I have decided to take all my years of music industry experience, my keen "coolness" factor, my MBA (G-d knows it needs to be used for something!) , my love of cyberspace novels, and interest in virtual means of life - and start my own business.

It is called: InterIdoru, and the company will provide services for musicians/bands. I will specialize in Virtual Touring, Virtual Promotion, Virtual Management.

You can view my "first draft" website at:
I also have a facebook page and MySpace page for InterIdoru.

Okay...back to the routine...